Celebrating 40 Years of Cornfield's Choreography!


Two Premieres

The Wasp in the Window (2022)

Scrambled Legs (2023)

Friday, August 25 @8PM

Saturday August 26 @3PM & 8PM

University Settlement

184 Eldgridge St.

Choreography: Ellen Cornfield

Music: Jerome Begin, Andreas Brade

Lighting Design: Kathy Kaufmann

Costumes: Kimberly Manning, Karen Young

Dancers: Mariah Anton Arters, Eve Jacobs, Vanessa Knouse, Aaron Loux,

Jin Ju Song-Begin, Ned Sturgis, Mac Twining

"Ellen Cornfield is one of our most inventive pure abstract dance makers"

Joan Finkelstein - Executive Director, Harkness

Foundation for Dance

"A feast of ravishing dancing with an unexpected emotional punch...it

takes decades of application to make this kind of work."

David Parker - Director, The Bang Group, NYC

Tickets: $28, students and seniors $18

General reservations available HERE.


“The Wasp in the Window” (2022), conceived in the peaceful, bucolic surroundings of Rockport, MA. focuses on the contradictions within our lives. Even when all seems “normal,” or occasionally even sublime, we live with the ever-present possibility of “getting stung,” by unforeseen events that buzz frantically in our environs and consciousness. 

“Scrambled Legs” (2023), a light-hearted dance, investigates Cornfield’s interest in mapping our psychological systems. It travels along infinite emotional variations and pathways, spinning off into unexpected territory and scrambling our intended journeys and behavior.  

The movement in this program covers a range of dance material ranging from elegant, technical movement punctuated by evocative gestural sequences to a robust and playful vocabulary filled with saucy character. 

The stellar dancers provide Cornfield with a lush and delightful palate of movement colors and shapes with which to manifest her vision. For dancer bios, please click here.