"Every gesture...is elegantly rendered -
and the product of elegant choices."- Deborah Jowitt - Village Voice

Martha Sherman in danceviewtimes


“For the opening of her 25th anniversary season, Ellen Cornfield didn’t need much space, much set, or much hoopla. Her small company of excellent dancers moved to graceful and distinct choreography… she humanized the work with tender underlying jokes and human expression, triggering connections among the dancers as characters in vaguely told stories.”


About “Pas de Detour”


“Pierre Guilbault and Joshua Tuason danced the opening duet, a powerful combination of parallel movements that claimed the entire floor, where they seemed to levitate instead of just leaping…the men used each other as levers, grasping wrists and shifting their weight to magnify each others movements. Their third partner, Kresge, moved in a subtle wave, each muscle moving independently, as her male partners shot like bullets of movement around her.”


About “Furniture Suite”


“Maggie Cloud and Cori Kresge danced a crisp duet, moving in and out of parallel turns and elegant high leg lifts. Cornfield added idiosyncratic muscle movements like a hip twitch that lifted a leg even higher from its socket and then dropped back. The dancers’ bodies moved from springy jumps into these small collapses – a crumbling shoulder or neck movement – then clicked back to balance and parallel. Their hands were fluttering accents, palms hiding their faces as they sliced forward and back.”


About “Small Stages”


“The small stages of the title were both the compact 6’ x 6’ platform on which much of the dance happened, and the small stages in the lives of the five characters, who performed, flirted, and competed with movement, and sometimes hummed their own internal dialogue in a quirky score that mixed sounds and chirps with internal thoughts made audible… Facial expressions – a fleeting smile, an exasperated look – gave hints of storylines to each pair and player.”

"Small Stages" 
- REVIEW by Sioban Burke NY Times

Cori Kresge       photo: Aaron Booher