"Cornfield Dance gives us dancing! ...
a kinetic balance between grace and athleticism."- Joe Damiano - iDanz.net

Our summer performances @ Bryant Park & Battery Park were splendid! Now catch us for our upcoming SEASON!

September 11th @ 7:30 & 12th @ 3:00 & 7:30

University Settlement House
184 Eldridge Street

Video set and costumes: Andrew Jordan,
Music: Andres Brade
Lighting: Burke Wilmore
Dancers: Cori Kresge, Joshua Tuason, Vanessa Knouse, Logan Pedon, Ellen Cornfield

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Pas de Detour - 
Martha Sherman, danceviewtimes

"...the opening duet was a powerful combination of parallel movements that claimed the entire floor, where they seemed to levitate instead of just leaping…the men used each other as levers, grasping wrists and shifting their weight to magnify each others movements. Their third partner, Kresge, moved in a subtle wave, each muscle moving independently, as her male partners shot like bullets of movement around her.”

Small Stages -  Siobhan Burke, NY Times '14

"...most compelling...why bother with a theater, when you can do so much with a platform the size of your bathroom? Ms. Cornfield...(interspersed) playful, everyday gestures (mimed preening, adjusting of clothes and hair) with rocketing leaps and lifts."