creative workshop

Cornfield Dance offers a creative workshop program geared for specific age groups, at which Ellen Cornfield encourages individual expression at any level of movement proficiency. These workshops are open to dancers and non-dancers alike. A typical workshop includes the following elements:

  • A short movement warm-up
  • An introduction to simple choreographic elements
  • Group work for participant collaboration
  • A showing of the material developed at the end of each day

Workshops culminate with a final showing of a “piece” for an invited audience of friends and family. This workshop provides a fun and informative way to introduce the dance uninitiated and initiated alike to the process of dance making. Attending this workshop will open the participants’ ability to “see” a dance performance from a more informed place, deepening and enriching their experience.

Ellen Cornfield can adapt this workshop to diffrent age groups, ranging from young children to adults. She has offered this workshop at numerous institutions, including Scranton Civic Ballet Company in Pennsylvania (a company of teens) and the East Village Dance Project NYC (a company of teens and pre-teens).

create your own workshop

Ellen Cornfield will coordinate with your organization to develop a workshop that best serves your community. Any of the classes listed on the classes page can be adapted to become a workshop. Please contact Cornfield Dance to begin conversations about potential workshop ideas.

“[The students] voiced how much they learned from you and how much they appreciated your energy, your joy of dance, and your wealth of knowledge.”

~ Stormy Brandenberger, Hofstra University, Drama and Dance Department